Awareness lecture on CAA NRC NPR for Ulema kiraam of Mira Bhayandar Uttan

Posted on 09 February 2020 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

Banegar School, Mira Road

9th February 2020

A delegation member of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind addressed the Ulema kiraam of Mira Bhayander Uttan at Banegar School this morning on what is expected of them in the current protests against CAA NRC and NPR. He requested them to make it clear to the Muslim populace that all this has its roots in Islamophobia (Surah alBuruj), that in the present scenario, raising one’s voice against injustice is incumbent upon the Muslims (Hadith on acting against munkar narrated by Abu Saeed Khudri ؓ  in Sahih Muslim) and that the struggle is not about someone having papers or not, but about the Act being inherently wrong. Deriving from a Hadith, even those Muslims having papers should be reminded that members of the Ummah should feel the pain of others like a single body. In conclusion, he cited the 186th ayat of Surah Aal’Imran and highlighted the need of adopting sabr and taqwa in our protests, and to refrain from playing to the gallery and chanting slogans like BMKJ or speaking sensitive things on phone or posting irresponsible content on Social Media, as has been observed in past protests. The respected Ulema were urged to remind the people that they need to be discreet and abide by the limits of Allah, lest they forsake their citizenship of the hereafter for the citizenship of duniya.

Maulana Abdullah Islahi sahab was the compere. Other speakers included Shia Imam Maulana Faizan sahab, Dalit Adivasi leader Mr. Sameer Vartak and the convenor, Dr. Azimuddin, under the banner of Hum Bhartiya. They all spoke on the technicalities of CAA NRC NPR and the road ahead, as also the upcoming Azad Maidan protest on 15th Feb. Several Ulema kiraam from the audience provided their insight and feedback. Some 40 Ulema kiraam of all schools of thought attended this revolutionary meeting, in addition to a few social activists.


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