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Posted on 10 August 2013 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

Saturday, 10th August 2013 Mira Road

 It was just the day after id- a time when every household was immersed in joy and celebration. It was also a time when thousands of Muslim families were reeling under the wrath of suppressive regimes, like those of Egypt,Syria and Bangladesh. Jamaate Islami Hind, Mira Road chose to empathise with the latter and held a special programme titled ‘Egypt Turmoil- An analysis’.
The programme began with the recitation of a few ayaat of Surah Ahzabfrom the Holy Qur’an wherein Allah has narrated the heart-wrenching incident of the Battle of the Trench.
Taking inspiration from these ayaat, the guest speaker, Dr. Salim, drew a parallel between the Battle and the current disturbance witnessed in Egypt. He likened the members of the Muslim Britherhood with the great Muslim soldiers who fought the almost one-sided battle of the Trench some 1430 years back, with odds stacked up heavily against them. The audience followed him as the learned speaker explained how each and every ayat from the read passage is relevant even today.
The decades-old struggle of the Brotherhood was shown as a reflection of the 13 year old Makkan period; their rise to power akin to the victory of Badr; their fall similar to the defeat at Uhud and their current terror-struck situation in line with the Companions’ position at the Trench. But all’s not lost, said he. History tell us that their next major confrontation resulted in the fall of Makkah, thus giving us a sliver of hope that victory will eventually fall in  the hands of the Muslims.
Dr. Salim, however did not fail to caution the audience that such ups and downs are part and parcel of life and Allah intends to test the believers through both. This is probably why such a conclusive victory at Makkah was also followed by losses of lives and wealth in the expeditions of Hunain and Tabuk respectively.
The programme saw its conclusion with supplications to Almighty Allah, asking Him for peace and well-being, and for His forgiveness and rewards in this life and the hereafter.
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  • Ahemad Shaikk August 15, 2013 at 6:53 pm

    जो मिस्र की अवाम पर जुल्म हो रहा है खास तौर पर ईख्वान पर जो जुल्म व सितम ढाए जा रहे है और जो ईख्वानी भाई शहीद हुए है हम उन के लिए मगफिरत की दुआ करते है और गलबे इस्लामी के लिए दुआ करते है।

  • Mazhar Farooque August 17, 2013 at 3:24 pm

    Masha Allahul azeez, Allah ta’ala aapki koshishon ko sharf e qubuliyat bakhshe aur in programs ke zariye hindi muslim me bedari aaye.
    Allah Rabbulaalameen se duaago hun ke Egypt me Ikhwan wo Mursi hamiyon ki koshishen wa ahtejaaj rang layen aur haque ko kamrani wo kamyabi naseeb ho.

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