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Dawah Training Workshop by JIH Mumbai

Posted on 26 August 2019 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

Dawah Workshop for Gents, organized by JIH Mumbai Dawah Unit was a grand success. The objective of this event was to inculcate the importance of Dawah and prepare our Daee for Dawah field work. More than 60 participants attended from different JIH local units including few participants from SIO, Mumbra Unit and few attended from other Jamaat like Kalim Siddiqui Sb, Abdullah Tariq sb which is a positive sign that other Jamaat is interested to work with JIH and one of them commended that JIH works in an organized way.

The Program covered a series of Dawah topics, Daee – Madoo role-play session, 90 seconds speech competition and a surprise Quiz at the end.

A PPT session was presented by Brother Muzaffar Ansari, Sec Shobae Dawat JIH Mumbai on the topic ‘Dawate Deen – Aaj ki ahem zarurat’ and shared insights on current affairs of the situation of Muslim Ummah around the world especially in India and what is the methodology to overcome this situation quoting references from Qur’an and Sunnah thru a workflow diagram.

Dawah Role Play session was the theme of this event and volunteers were taught the approach and techniques how to start and end Dawah with Madoo covering basic topics such as – Brotherhood, Tawheed, Risalat, Aakhirat Jannat, Jahannam and Purpose of life.

Zaade Raah was delivered by Humayun Shaikh Sb, Secretary JIH Mumbai. He encouraged the volunteers to understand the importance of Dawah especially the reward in Aakhirah and not just do Dawah to overcome hard situations in life but it should be a continuous process. He motivated volunteers to sync with local JIH unit and work together and do this on a regular basis.

Finally, the winners were gifted with prizes and everyone left with an upthrust and momentum to apply what was learned during the Dawah workshop and carry this Dawah activity at their maqam on a regular basis.


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