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Mira Road Masjid Opens up its Doors to non-Muslim Brethren

Posted on 06 October 2019 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra


Sunday, 6th October 2019
Mira Road

In an exemplary display of social amity and bonhomie, about 30 Hindu and Christian residents of Mira Road and beyond were invited to a guided tour of a masjid this evening by the city’s Muslim community.

Organised by Masjid Sana Millat Welfare Association, in collaboration with Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and Students Islamic Organisation (SIO), this was the first of its kind program in Mira Road, and part of a series of Masjid Parichay programs being held all across the state, and indeed, all across the country. Beginning with a short welcome speech expounding upon the purpose of this unique intiative, the guests were then taken into the masjid, where they were offered a demonstration of how Muslims perform their pre-prayer ablutions (wazu), how the namaz is offered, what is recited therein, and what are the component parts of a masjid- the mehrab, the mimbar (pulpit), the library etc.

After the azan for the evening prayers was called out, the meaning of which was explained to the guests, they were asked to sit in the masjid itself while the Muslim devotees offered the asar namaz. This experience can best be explained in the words of one of the guests, “This is the first time I have had the opportunity to see the namaz so closely. The social equality and discipline seen in namaz is what impressed me the most. Rich and poor stand shoulder to shoulder, and we were told that even a peon can lead the prayers, and all others would obey him, no matter how rich and distinguished they might be”.

The asar prayers were followed by a candid interactive session in which the guests were encouraged to share their experience and ask any question or doubt about Islam that might be troubling them. After receiving clear and unambiguous answers, the guests were escorted out of the masjid. They were gifted some basic books on Islam and asked to contact the Islamic Information Centre on their Toll-free number 1800-2000-787 to discuss Islam with experts and gain further clarity on the beliefs and practices of the Muslims.

One guest, speaking on behalf of all those present today, said that each of us should now meet at least 100 of our friends and convey to them whatever we have seen and heard today.

“The Masjid Parichay was but an excuse. The primary intention is to bridge the rift that petty politics and myopic leaders have created between us Indians”, averred Muhammad Ataul Haq, the President of JIH Mira Road. When asked how they were able to draw in the audience, Raafid Shahab, the district President of SIO told us that personal contacts and social media were used in addition to traditional invitation cards and banners. He was also confident that more such cultural exchange programs would follow in the days to come, and all efforts would be made to forge mutual trust and goodwill.


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