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Mumbaikars come out against Mob Lynching

Posted on 29 June 2019 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra


Saturday, 29th June 2019
Azad Maidan, Mumbai

In a massive show of solidarity, hundreds of Mumbaikars braved the torrential rains and joined the leaders and representatives of close to 30 social and political organisations to gather at the iconic Azad Maidan this afternoon to protest against the unending spree of mob lynchings being witnessed all over the country.

Spearheaded by Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and its sister organisations, the protesters demanded justice and proper compensation for the families of those people who have been victims of mob lynching in the name of cow vigilantism, overt nationalism, casteism and Islamophobia. They also sought affirmative action from the Central and State Governments towards curbing lawlessness in society in accordance with court guidelines and stemming the growing religious intolerance and communalism our country is falling prey to.

Mr. Haseeb Bhatkar, the City President of JIH has urged the citizens to fight back instead of remaining mute spectators to what he called blatant acts of terrorism. He said that we need to engage in a long term mission of acquainting our fellow countrymen with the true message of Islam.

Mr. Salim Shaikh, the State President of Welfare Party of India said that the repeated and regular incidents of mob lynching were aimed at maintaining an atmosphere of fear in the country. People from all walks of life should come together to change this atmosphere. MLA Abu Asim Azmi belonging to the Samajwadi Party targetted the Central Government and asked them to learn inclusiveness from New Zealand and Muslim countries.

Speaking on the way ahead, Mr. Ramesh Kadam of Movement for Peace and Justice said that Hindutwa is a political ideology of only a few people; this hatred needs to be eradicated with love, not more hatred. Spread love, he appealed to all Muslims. On his part, the President of Movement for Human Welfare, Dr. Azimuddin sought to remind the administration that it is not Muslims, but the entire country that is being enfeebled by such acts of violence.

Professionals had also gathered in large numbers to discharge their civil responsibility. The Convenor of the Mumbai chapter of Professionals’ Solidarity Forum, Mr. Ajaz demanded that mob lynching should be declared an act of terrorism and that the accused should be tried in fast track courts under anti-terrorism laws.

The City President of Students Islamic Organisation, Shaheryar Ansari, in a fiery speech, held the fascist administration guilty of this venomous  fear mongering and reminded the Muslims that God alone is our saviour, and it is in Him that we repose our trust.

Mr. Prakash Reddy of CPI and Mr. Janardhan Jangle, President of Sadbhavna Manch demanded that the culprits should be hanged to set a example before other people. His colleague, Varsha Tai said that the people behind mob lynching want to instill fear, but this huge gathering is proof that we refuse to be intimidated.

While Adv. Yusuf Muchhala of the Association for Protection of Civil Rights said that civil society should fight the legal battle on behalf of the victims using all peaceful and constitutional rights, Aamir Edriysi of Pasban e Millat emphasized upon the need for political activism to counter the curse of mob lynching.

Mr. Fahad Ahmad of TISS Students Union was aghast at the audacity of the lynchers who post their photos and videos without any fear of reproach. Social activist Salim Alware, Maulana Mahmud Daryabadi of All India Ulema Council and Mr. Furqan Ahmad of the Sahas Foundation asked the people to never lose courage in the face of difficulties. Maulana Ejaz Kashmiri said that it were the Muslims and Dalits of this country who had fought for its freedom, and it is they alone who would liberate this country yet again. Rashid Azeem of the Milli Council added that even Hindus are with us in this struggle; the Muslims and Dalits are not alone.

Maulana Zaheer Abbas Rizvi of the Shia Muslim Personal Law Board thundered that this is a murder of humanity and not just Muslims. He called upon all citizens to fight with patience and prudence and not give in to reactionary impulses.

Abdul Wahid Shaikh the author of Begunah Qaidi told the people that self defence is a constitutional right and it should be made use of. Social activist Amol Madame said that mob lynching is not something any man should be proud of. He reminded the audience that the pen is mightier than the sword; this battle needs to be fought in court.

Speaking on behalf of Girls’ Islamic Organization, Ms. Amna pointed towards the abject intolerance and state apathy prevalent in society today. She, and Mrs. Mumtaz Nazeer from the ladies wing of JIH, spoke of the peaceful and inclusive nature of Islam and made an appeal to foster bonds of humanity with our compatriots.

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind has vowed to take this struggle to its logical conclusion and stand up against every act of injustice that threatens the integrity of this nation.

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