‘Removal of public and legally elected government in Egypt is murder of democracy’

Posted on 01 August 2013 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra



(Why activists of human rights and international community silent on massacre in Egypt—- intellectuals raise question)
Mumbai: Military force deliberately firing to crush public protest in
Egypt. This is an embarrassing situation for Egytians (justice loving people) in their own country. A few organizations organized a press conference in Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh and expressed their worry before media persons. Scholars believe that military force murdered the democracy of Egypt by revolting against legally elected government. International community’s silence is a hybrid policy on coup of Egyptian military, and it proves their rivalry with
Islam. These views were expressed today in Marathi patrakar Sangh by the participants. This press conference was organized and led by J.I.H. and various other organizations of Maharashtra. In which, homeland brothers and their organizations attended the conference.
Addressing the press conference, Brigadier Sudhir Sawant alleged to America and Israel for this fresh violence in Egypt. He said that it is a war strategy of America. America interfered in Egypt’s internal matter and instigated military coup and toppled Egypt’s elected government. At first America, Israel and other European countries tried to bargain with Mohammad Morsi, as they failed in, all this happened in Egypt. He also criticized Indian government for not having consolidate external policy, and alleged that it’s external strategy is being decided by America and Israel.
Renowned Columnist professor Moonsa Bushra Abedi said that present situation is unacceptable at all. He alleged to America and Israel which toppled the Egypt’s elected government. He wondered, how silent are international community and activists of human rights and democracy which claims to respect freedom of speech and establishment of democracy. For this World’s justice and
Peace loving people should come forward for retaining democratic rights in Egypt. He emphasized that military force is targeting demonstrators of Iqwanul Muslimin so that they ceased from their activities. Aslam Gazi Sb.(Secretary of J.I.H. for National and International issues) expressed his view that this is an open rigging and violence against elected government. Maulana Mahemood Daryabadi condemned Egypt’s current situation with harsh words and said that such actions will bring danger for democracy in the
World and any external power can be fully active to dismiss any selected government against public expectations whose permission must not be given in this present era. Large numbers of media persons were present in the press conference.



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