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Darna Mana Hai; Sanjay Raut, MP of Shiv Sena, in a seminar on CAA, NPR and NRC.

Darna Mana Hai, Sanjay Raut, a fire brand Shiv Sena MP and the Editor of its newspaper Samna began his talk on CAA, NPR and NRC, on Saturday in Mumbai Marathi Patrakar Sangh.

There is no need to fear from CAA, NRC and NPR as the Maharashtra government is with you. He said “Jo Dar gaya samjho mar gaya.” Sanjay Raut is the architect of Maha Vikas Aghadi, who facilitated the alliance with Congress; NCP combined and thus kept the BJP away to form the government.

Amid confusion and speculations, Sanjay Raut, attended the seminar jointly orgnaised by  Jamaat e Islami Hind to discuss the controversial National Citizenship Amendment Act and proposed National Population Register- NPR and National Register of Citizenship-NRC. He had been greeted with cheers applaud and hugs from the predominant Muslim audience. He said, I am humbled by your gesture of welcoming me.

Many journalists from big newspapers were asking me whether I will attend the programme of a Muslim organization and I replied to them, “They are our brothers and I will definitely attend. We all have to come together to defeat divide and rule policies.” Referring to his alliance with NCP and INC, he said that Maharashtra has shown the country what is Sab ka Saath and Sab ka Vikas. He said, they (BJP) are in grief because the state like Maharashtra went away.  “We will give them more grief” he added.

Many people lost their documents in Tsunami, floods and other natural calamity how we can expect these people to prove their citizenship. 30% Hindus will be negatively affected by the act. He said, ‘Not only 20 Crore Muslims but we, the 130 Crore Indians, will fight together against this law.”  Referring to a statement where Home Minister Amit Shah said that they won’t go back an inch on CAA and NPR. He warned, “don’t budge and inch, we will Push You.”

He remembered that Balasaheb Thackrey never wanted to send Muslims out of this country. He said, “Balasaheb was against the traitors not with against Muslims.” In fact many Muslims including film actors, corporate and common people were friend of senior Thackrey, he added.

Patriotism is not the

Explaining the CAA, NPR and NRC, senior Counsel and the President of PUCL Adv. Mihir Desai concluded that these acts should be opposed. He said,” lies that NPR has nothing to do with NRC are spread.”  NPR is the first step towards NRC, he added.

He pointed out that the Citizenship means “Right to have Rights”. Right to Live, Right to vote, Right to Reservations and all other rights are attached to the citizenship. He explained the Citizenship Act from 1950 to its amendment in 1955, 1987 and 2003. He said people born in the country should be treated as our Citizens.

Poor People in India will suffer the most by these laws, Adv. Mihir said. 70% Indians do not have Birth Proof, what will happen to them, he asked. He also informed that Citizens are enrolled in the Voting list and NRC means that you have to cut few people out and make them D-Voters.

In his presidential speech, Adv. Yusuf H Muchchala, President of APCR and senior counsel of Supreme Court also agreed with Mihir Desai that government is misleading on CAA, NPR and NRC.  He said, “According to laws, NPR declaration will be verified later which itself means its gong towards NRC.” Quoting many articles of the Constitution Adv. Yusuf said, CAA is against the constitution and it should be opposed.”

He informed that more than 70 petitions are filed in the Supreme Court against CAA.  He appreciated the efforts of civil society but criticized the Court orders. Referring to the Supreme Court’s Babri Masjid Judgment, he said, “The judgment is delivered considering the Faith of the majority of the Community.”

While quoting former Justice VK Krishna Iyer on contempt of court he said, “Court Should command Respect not Demand it.

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Adv.Yusuf H Muchchala, President APCR (1)

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