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Asan Nikah At JIH Mira Road

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Saturday, 29th March 2014

Islamic Centre, Mira Road.


The past ten days have seen a wave of Islamic awareness among Muslims by means of Jamaate Islami Hind’s city-wide Asan Nikah Campaign. On the eve of the concluding day of this campaign, the Mira Road unit of JIH sought to educate the masses about the correct Islamic way of conducting weddings; and what better way to learn than from the master himself? Keeping this in mind, renowned Islamic scholar, Maulana Shameem Akhtar Nadvi was invited to speak on this topic.


The program began with the recitation of the initial verses of Surah Nisa, wherein the topic of marriage is discussed at some length. Allah has instructed men to maintain justice between their wives, and in case they are unable to do so, then they should be content with a single wife only. The fear of Allah and mutual brotherhood are also expounded upon.


The compere then requested Maulana Shameem to come forward and offer his guidance. The Maulana began his address by asking youngsters to select their prospective brides on the basis of their personal piety above everything else. He also reminded them that they would at the same moment be choosing the mother of their future children, and hence should seek virtuous women, instead of falling for materialistic preferences.


The nikah should be performed in the masjid (preferably after asar namaz on Friday) to discourage any kind of profanity. Though there is no provision for a banquet at the time of nikah, the groom’s family can be served food as a gesture of hospitality. As far as weddings are concerned, they need to be formally announced in the neighbourhood, so that the new wife is not looked down upon by society. The prophetic tradition of a walima feast should be followed in this regard, which is also a token of gratitude towards Allah. This walima (reception) should not be extravagant and the society’s poor should also be invited therein.


The learned speaker averred that extravagant weddings pave the way for illicit sexual relations and simplicity in wedding procedures will definitely curb zina. Ironically, men who choose to splurge on wedding functions act pretty miserly at the time of giving the bride her rightful mehr. He reiterated that Islam has not burdened the bride’s family with wedding expenditures. Asking for dowry from the bride’s family (and indeed intimidating them) is a serious violation of Islamic law. It is men who, on the contrary, are responsible for the upkeep of their wives and families.


The Maulana also frowned upon the contemporary practice of marrying at an older age. This, he pointed out, has a bad effect on the progeny. The Prophet (May peace and blessings be upon him) has advised us to marry at an early age. Also, men who marry their non-Muslim girl friends ostensibly in order to make them accept Islam should instead marry those girls from the Muslim community who have not the wherewithal for spending on weddings and are thus left deprived of matrimonial bliss.


Answering a question from the audience, Maulana Nadvi made it clear that weddings should not be lavish despite the groom being rich. However, he may choose to invite more people to the walima, keeping the affair free from undue decoration and the likes. He also supported the idea of boycotting those weddings which openly flout Islamic guidelines, but regretted that this can be done only at an individual basis as of now. Qazis can also help by refusing to officiate upon such weddings.


The venue, decked up with a series of giant Signature banners on which Mira Road’s citizens have pledged to uphold Islamic principles in marriages, served to be a perfect compliment to the Maulana’s speech. Maulana Nadvi wholeheartedly appreciated the Jamaat’s endeavours in this regard and inspired them to strive further in the way of their Lord. He was gifted a set of books and pen by the local President, Mr. Abdul Qadeer, after which this rich experience concluded with a  prayer by Maulana Abdullah, seeking Allah’s help and guidance.

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