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Rahat Co-op Credit Society inaugurated at Parbhani

Posted on 19 January 2016 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

January 19, 2016

Rahat Cooperative Credit Society was inaugurated at Parbhani district by JIH Maharashtra President, Eng. Taufeeq Aslam Khan sb.

Each individual in our society wants that:

  • He is well settled in life, especially financially
  • His fledgling business becomes stronger and he is able to tide over market fluctuations
  • His kids get best education
  • All necessities of life of his family are taken care of

Rahat cooperative credit society is a step towards this thought. As we are aware, Allah SWT has prohibited interest (usury) and permitted trade/business.

Rahat is a step towards establishing a system where the needy can get support without getting burdened with heavy interest on his loans and to help the weaker section of the society to become self-sustainable in the long run. May Allah accept our efforts in this direction.





ऑनलाईन प्रेषित परिचय संमेलन २०२०

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