States should be given autonomy for conducting University Exams: Education Dept JIH Maharashtra

Posted on 27 July 2020 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

Mohd Azharuddin, Secretary Education wing, Jamate Islami Maharashtra has expressed his concern on the announcement of UGC about Final Exams of University level to be conducted by the end of September. He told that “exams under the threat of Corona Pandemic are not appropriate. Instead it is better to announce the results of students on the basis of previous Semester and overall annual performance.”
He further explained that ” ‘Right to Live’ is the fundamental right of each Indian citizen and student which cannot be affected by conducting exams under the threat of Corona Pandemic.”
Moreover, “Right of Equal Opportunities” is also fundamental right for every student. One must get equal opportunities when exams are being conducted. If offline exams are conducted, many students are not in a position to travel from their native place to Exam Centres due to unavailability of transport facilities. If exams are conducted Online then many students don’t have Smart Phones nor internet facility is available equally in all regions and localities. Hence exams seem inappropriate in the context of this “Right of Equal Opportunities”.
Education Secretary of JIH, Maharashtra further said that after introducing Semester pattern, final exams are not the sole parameter to assess the performance of student. Hence result can be announced on the basis of previous semester results and overall annual performance. He further added emphasising  that “Corona Pandemic and subsequent Lockdown is “Once in the History” event. In such exceptional case, there should be flexibility in the the routine policy and approach.”
Postponing exams till September end will also affect next academic year. Likewise many students who have completed their course would have to suffer in the next academic process and will be delayed in getting jobs.
One more important point is that postponing exams will increase the psychological burden and tension upon students. Its not appropriate to create psychological stress among students during this tough time.
Mohd Azharuddin lastly said that conducting exams is an administrative issue and States must be given autonomy in administrative matters. 6 states and 168 Universities have already expressed that they are not in a position to conduct exams. Hence Education wing of Jamate Islami, Maharadhtra appeals that States should be given autonomy that they can take decision about exams according to their state conditions and situations.
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