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Tarbiyati Ijtema

Posted on 27 January 2019 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

Tarbiyati Ijtima.The Tarbiyati Ijtema of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Mumbai North Zone was organised today at the Islamic Centre, Mira Road and attended by around 60 men and women from Mira Road, Vasai, Nallasopara and Virar.

The program began with a Dars of Surah alA’araf ayat 157 by Janab Iqbal Khan sahab. This was followed by a lecture by Syed Sharif sir on the etiquettes of putting across mutual differences. Rashid Khan sahab spoke on the qualities of an ideal leader and Syed Habeeb sir spoke on what we can learn from the Sahaba’s interpersonal relations. Naeem Shaikh sir concluded the morning session with a lecture on the work structure of various social organisations.

Post zuhr and lunch, the second session began with a Dars Hadith. Dr. Danish, a consultant psychiatrist, spoke on child management, whereas Dr. Parvez Mandviwala conducted an open discussion on Social Media ethics.

Rashid sbJIH Mumbai secretary (Tarbiyat), Rashid Khan sahab delivered the concluding speech and urged the audience to dedicate themselves to the Islamic cause.

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North Zone Tarbiyati Ijtema

Posted on 12 August 2018 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

Tarbiyati Ijtema- JIH Mumbai North Zone
Sunday, 12th August
Mira Road

Mira Road

A day-long tarbiyati ijtema was organised at Mira Road today to a 300-strong audience from North Mumbai. Contemporary and relevant topics like Priorities in _deen_ , Urban issues and our approach, Development of Children and the effective use of Social Media for the cause of Islam were taken up. Lessons derived from the lives of Prophet Abraham and Lady Hajirah were also expounded upon.
The ijtema concluded with an inspiring speech by the City President encouraging the audience to strive in the cause of Allah till their last breath.

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Central Zone Tarbiyati Ijtema

Posted on 05 August 2018 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

North zoneJIH Mumbai Central zone Tarbiyati Ijtema concluded with fervour

Date. 5th Aug 2018.
Time. 10am to 5pm.
Participants around 170 mard + khwateens

Program started with Dars by Janab Siddique sb on Surah Saffat who emphasized on love and affection.

It was followed by an speech on tarjihate deen. Bro Haseeb sahab very finely explained the concepts of deen its application and priority in modern context.

The tea interval was followed by an speech by bro Noorullah on city specific problems, difficulties and its solutions.
The audience took a active part in the discussion and suggested ways to solve them so that the city becomes a better place to live .

Bro Javed Islahi spoke about the flavour of the season, “Qurbani and its various aspects”.

The break for zohar was followed by dars e hadees by mubin ansari sab on Haqiqate Haj , its relevance and performance.

Sister Yasmeen very aptly summarised the journey , dedication and sacrifices of hazrat Hajra along with Prophet Abraham’s dawat.

An interval was followed by another hot topic of panel discussion on parenting and Tarbiyate Aulad .
The audience was kept spell bound by the speakers as they suggested ways to upbring a child in the light of Islam and modern techniques.

Last topic of the day was by bro Mubasshir on the better use of social media in today’s world and the techniques to keep ahead of the competition in today’s world.

Program ended with concluding words from Jih Mumbai Metro Sec bro Humayun who took explained the need of work culture required to excel in Ijtemayyat, followed by Duas from Janab Rizwan sab.

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West Zone Tarbiyati Ijtema

Posted on 29 July 2018 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

West zoneTARBIYATI IJTEMA for Arkan,Karkunan (Ladies & Gents) was held on 29th July 2018 Sunday,
at ‘The Scholars’ School’ Jogeshwari (West).
around 180 people attended the same. The topics covered were…
DARSE-QURAN Janab Mohammed Zahid Hasan,
TARJEEHAAT-E-DEEN: Jb. Rashid Khan, 
SHEHRI MASAYIL AUR HAM – Muskilaat aur Hal : Br. Anees,
DARSS-E-HADEES (Haqeeqat-e-Hajj) : Maulana Zafar Alam Sb.,
Panel Discussion –TARBIYAT-E-AULAD
panelists : Mohtarma Saeeda, Janab Rashid Khan, Moulana Zafar Alam, Janab Abdul Qadeer Sahab…
ZAADE RAAH by Nazim-e-Mumbai Janab Md. Abdul Qadeer Sahab.

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