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Hajj training camp organised by Millat Nagar Ladies Wing

Posted on 29 July 2017 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

 Date  : 29th July 2017 Saturday

VENUE : Jama’t-e-Islami Hind Office Millat Nagar

JIH Ladies Wing conducted a Hajj Camp to train Haji’s.

The Convenor of the programme was Mohtarma Sheeba Khan ( kaarkun).

Programme started with recitation of Quran (Al Baqarah —196 to 201).
Mrs.Kalimunnisa Ansari (JIH Member) recited the Quran.

Mrs.Farhat (Member of JIH) presented first speech on “Importance of Hajj “.

After explaining the back ground of Hajj Mrs. Mumtaz (JIH Member) explain the Manaasik of Hajj with the help of chart.

It was followed by a Naat by Ms.Raushan and Mrs.Saabira (Kaarkunaan ).

Two more speeches presented at the programme.Speech on topic,
“Fa Inna Khaira Zaadit Taqwa “was covered by Mrs. Tanveer khan (JIH Member ) and “Madina Tayyaba ki Ziyaarat ” by Mrs.Parveen Shaikh (kaarkun).

After speeches, “Hajj ke Ehkaam-o-Masaael ” were explained by Mrs.Safiya Khan (JIH Member ), and the doubts regarding Hajj were cleared in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

Programme concluded with dua.Lunch was arranged for Haji’s and they were gifted a Bouquet, Hajj Cap, 7 Beads Tasbeeh and two Booklets ( Easy Way Of Performing Hajj and Hajj Kis Liye ).

17 Haji’s benefited from it.


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