Dissolve Existing Waqf Board, Appoint an Administrative Council: Jamaat-e-Islami to State

Posted on 10 September 2020 by Zonal Admin

Mumbai: Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) Maharashtra has submitted a memorandum to the Minister for Minority Affairs, Nawab Malik to highlight the deteriorating situation of the State Waqf Board and provide suggestions for its improvement.

In the memorandum, Faheem Falahi, Secretary, Department of Auqaaf of JIH Maharashtra, demanded the government to dissolve the existing Waqf Board and appoint an Administrative Council.

The purpose of the memorandum was to make the administration aware of the problems with the existing Board and offer solutions. The memorandum pointed that appointing an administrator at the Haryana Waqf Board resulted in much improvement.

The performance of the Maharashtra Waqf Board for the last ten years is has been pathetic. This is because, there is no permanent CEO at the Board. The last permanent CEO was Ijaz Hussain in 2015 , Since then, there have been part-time CEOs who have not been given the necessary authority to work. The board retained the decision-making power, which is why no work is being done.

In its memorandum, JIH said that, while the government had, in the past, appointed members and chairman of the Waqf Board, the body had failed miserably in protecting the Waqf properties and achieving its objectives. As a result, thousands of cases pertaining to registration, change report and issues in the schemes have been pending for as long as five to ten years.

According to JIH, the number of employees at the board are miniscule. The functioning of the regional offices has been suspended. The members of the board have failed to take any concrete steps to enforce any decision or to monitor any property. Some of the members have even been disqualified by the government and an FIR has been registered against some members.

“Given the current performance of the Waqf Board and its zero-growth rate over the last five to ten years, we have demanded the dismissal of the current Waqf Board and appointment of an Administrative Committee consisting of retired Waqf officers with experience, talent, transparent character and complete knowledge of Waqf properties and all Waqf-related issues,” said Falahi. “These people will start working from day one based on their experiences. On the other hand, if inexperienced people are hired for these positions, they would need a long time to get accustomed to the work,” he added

JIH has been intimating both the government and the Waqf Board from time to time about these recurring issues. The present government is expected to take concrete and revolutionary steps as soon as possible to protect the Waqf.

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