The demise of Maulana Riaz Ahmad Khan is a great loss for the Islamic Movement, the nation and the country : Ameer e Halqa

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“The demise of Maulana Riaz Ahmad Khan is a great loss for the Islamic Movement, the nation and the country”: Rizwan-ur-Rehman Khan, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami India, Maharashtra

Mumbai: Riaz Ahmad Khan met his real creator at the time of Isha prayers on March 2, 2018. To Allah we belong and to Him we shall return . May Allah forgive the deceased, grant them a high position in the highest heavens, give patience to the bereaved and bestow their blessings on the Islamic Movement, the nation and the country. Amen.

Today, after the Fajr prayers on March 9, his body was laid to rest at Char Bangla Cemetery, Andheri, Mumbai. It is as if an era of Islamic movement has come to an end in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

The demise of Maulana Riaz Ahmad Khan is a great loss to the Islamic Movement, the nation and the country. Maulana had been ill for a long time. The disease had intensified over the past few months. He also had corona a few months ago but he recovered from it. Maulana was about 3 years old.

Maulana Riaz had been associated with Tehreek-e-Islami since his youth. His hometown was Khadimapur, District Azamgarh, UP. After a lot of hard work in Mumbai, Maulana Riaz Ahmed Sahib had made his mark.

Maulana Riaz Ahmad Sahib was very fond of Qur’an and Hadith. He mastered Arabic language on his own. He had a keen eye on the Qur’an and Sunnah. Mo Lana was also an excellent orator and preacher. Maulana also wrote several books on very important topics.

Maulana Riaz Ahmad Sahib had a wide range of thoughts and ideas. He had planted the thought of Maududi in his heart and mind. He was well versed in the adaptation of the party’s policies in the changing circumstances and their interpretation and understanding. He had obtained information about the party’s election policy by meeting Molana Maududi, about which the interlocutors were asked questions. There was great light.

Maulana’s greatest virtue was that he trained hundreds of young men from the Jamaat and student organizations and succeeded in uniting them with religion and the movement.

Maulana’s greatest service to the nation is the establishment of many educational institutions. Under various trusts in Mumbai, Maulana established 3 colleges, 2 high schools and 4 religious schools for girls. He also patronized Madrasa Jamiat-ul-Falah, Madrasah-ul-Islah and Shibli College in his hometown Azamgarh from where thousands of students received religious and modern studies.

Martyrdom of Babri Masjid After the riots that broke out in Mumbai in 1989, Maulana did a great job of relief and rehabilitation. The party was banned at the time and the situation was dire. Therefore, under the guidance of Mo Lana, local associations have been formed for relief and rehabilitation in Muhammad Ali Road, Madanpura, Dharavi, Karla, Goondi, Andheri, Jo Geshwari, Gore Gaon, Malad, Maloni, Gore Gaon, Bo Revali, Dahisar etc. Great work was done at a cost of about Rs. 3 crore at that time. At that time, thousands of letters were received from the government for the repair and reconstruction of houses with the help of the Shri Pathi Secretary in the Ministry.

Meanwhile, Maulana Riaz Ahmad Khan, Maulana Zia-ud-Din Bukhari, Maulana Israr Ahmad Qasmi, Maulana Abdul Qudoos Kashmiri and other elders of the nation, through mutual consultation, established a generation of All India Ulema among the Muslims of Mumbai. He breathed the spirit of unity and courage and took the responsibility of keeping the issues before the government in full swing. Maulana Riaz Ahmad Khan was the soul of the generation of scholars. He was its vice president. Through the Ulema Council, Maulana played a vital role in resolving sectarian differences in Mumbai. Whenever a professional dispute arose, Riaz’s consolidation and decisions were accepted by both sides with open heart and willingness.

May Allah fill the grave of Maulana with light and grant him eternal paradise. May Allah fill the void created by Maulana’s departure with His special mercy. May God grant us, like Maulana, the opportunity to sacrifice time, wealth and abilities for the movement, the nation and the country. Amen
Rizwan-ur-Rehman Khan, Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami India, Maharashtra

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