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JIH Chief Syed Jalaluddin Umari on Khalid Mujahid Brutal murder

Posted on 20 May 2013 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

Ameer Jamat

It was a planned murder by the policemen, says Ameer-e-Jamaat
The brutal murder of Khalid Mujahid a Muslim youth who was under the custody of the UP police raises many questions.
1) The UP police had arrested him over some charges and he was under the custody of the Police. How could such a person be easily finished off?
2) It is repeatedly being said that he was ill. If he was ill what treatment was given to him in jail? There is not a single report which shows that he is ill and he was given any treatment in jail. That means the youth was hale and healthy.
3) Jail superintendent has said that the youth was hale and healthy. It is unbelievable that such a healthy youth suffered with heart failure. It seems to be a concocted story.
4) How could such murders happen in jails? It is the duty of jail, police and government to safeguard the inmates of jail. Jails are supposed to be secure place. They ought to be secure places. Such incidents should not be allowed to happen.
5) It was also said that he was found in new clothes in the hospital. There was swelling in his throat and there was bleeding in ears and mouth. All these things show that this is a typical case of cool, calculated and planned murder executed by the policemen.
6) Mulayam Singh Yadav had promised to release innocent Muslim youth who were arrested under false charges. But till this day he has not released a single youth. Not even a single youth. Besides he has not yet tabled the Nimesh Panel report in the assembly. The report has indicted the irresponsible police officials of UP.

7) Fear and apprehension has engulfed innocent Muslim youth arrested under false charges. They – some 1000 – 1500 of them – fear that if the court gives any judgment favouring them they would be finished off by the police.

Some times back Qateel siddiqui another innocent Muslim Youth arrested under false charges was brutally murdered inside the Pune jail. These incidents have emboldened the feeling that there is discrimination against Muslims in this country.

9) The government should order a thorough inquiry over the tragic incident. The guilty should be booked and punished. The family of the brutally murdered youth should be given adequate compensation. In a way the UP govt is also a culprit in this gory episode. It should take immediate steps to release the innocent Muslim youth languishing in jails under false charges.

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