JIH Maharashtra Dedicated Volunteers On Flood Ground zero

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Members and workers of Jamaat-e-Islami India, Ideal Relief, Youth Wing and SIO from across Mumbai to Nagpur and all major cities of Maharashtra  joined hands to provide relief to the beleaguered people in Konkan. Relief began on Thursday afternoon, July 24, 2021, with essential items such as water, biscuits, dates, phenyl, nanakhtai, chaipati, milk, fruit, juice, pampers, blankets, and light in homes from noon on the first day. Candles and matches were provided and to systematize the work, volunteers first surveyed the neighborhoods and then deliver the goods to them so that no one is left out. Relief work is in full swing in the following affected areas. Goal Kot Road , Gowalkot, Pet Map, Muradpur, Bazar Pet, Otari Gali, Badhwari and Ganesh Nagar in which our brothers live in Otari Gali and Ganesh Nagar. 1000 in the afternoon of 24July, 600 in the evening, 864 in the afternoon of July 27 and 600 in the evening to their homes and those who came to us were provided food from the office. On the first day about 32 volunteers including members and location Chaplon volunteers were involved. To clean the ground floor of the buildings where the mud was washed away by the floods, the party has arranged pumping machine to draw water from the wells and is cleaning them day and night. These buildings include Hasina Apartment, Nana Apartment, Yusuf Palace, Ali Palace. Dr. Saleem Khan Sahib and Dr. Abdul Kalam Sahib, two doctors of Jamaat-e-Islami Maharashtra for A and B Wing, Abbas Palace, Farida Apartment, Mashaallah Apartment, Misbah Palace, Safa Park A and B, Hameed Apartment, Halima Apartment and Medical Clinic Help on July 26. Inspired by the work of the congregation, Ali Palace officials said, “We will give you the money we were going to send out.” Ashraf Haroon Asif, Area Nazim of K, Maulana Fasihuddin Falahi, Assistant Nazim of Area and Farhan Bhai and his comrades are responsible for serving the people of Chaplon city.

Jamat-e-Islami Hind  Maharashtra been active in Relief to Konkan Region Flood devastation has
Some basic needs for Kokan relief as below
1} Chataai = 200pcs
2} Phenyl =41Bottles(5 ltr each)
3} Blankets = 50pcs
4} Handwash = 4 Bottles(5ltr each)
5} Neem Phenyl = 2 cans(50ltr per can)
6} Phenyl = 3 Bottles(1ltr each)
7} Bleaching Powder = 4 Boxes(25kg per Box)
8} Wipers = 150pcs
9} Bedsheets = 50pcs
10} Rice = 105kg
11} Dusters = 200pcs
12} Stove Lighter = 100pcs
13} Sanitary Pads = 2040pcs
14} Handgloves = 450pcs
15} Face Masks = 200pcs
16} Adult Diapers Ladies = 114pcs
17} Adult Diapers Gents = 14pcs
18} Dettol = 5ltr
19} Bandaid = 200pcs
20} Dolo 650 = 1,000pcs
21} Vitamin C Tablets = 200pcs
22} Biscuits = 1 Box
23} Tea Pouches = 1200gms
24} Brooms = 100p cs
25} Clothes = Male/Female
and several other Items full 5 truck had been sent to the said Region.
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