Petition requesting complete ban on cyber pornography JIH Maharashtra is supporting

Posted on 16 July 2013 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

JIH (MS) supporting Petition request complete ban on cyber pornography, please send more and more letter to support this petition.

Letter formats.



R. P. Tiwari ji,

Dy. Director, Rajya Sabha Secretariat,

Parliament Annex,

New Delhi – 110001

Sub: Regarding the petition requesting complete ban on cyber pornography.

Respected Sir,

This is a definite fact that pornography is disastrous for any society. In recent times by the various means of telecommunication like computers, laptops, smart phones, etc accessibility of pornography is on a continuous rise and in turn is leading to increase of criminal activity in society and exploitation of women and children. This is leading our youth generation to a path of moral destruction and a negative impact on their character.

To protect the society from such elements is not only the states duty but also it responsibility. The petition filed by Aacharya Shrimad Vijay Ratnasundersuri maraja against this is apt with time and extremely necessary to be implemented. The suggestions mentioned in this petition for banning cyber pornography and very true and effective.

I personally support this petition and all suggestions mentioned in it and request the petition committee to provide acceptance to these points and suggestions and take appropriate steps in implementing them.

To make the youth self sufficient in every respect, it is needed to provide them an environment and knowledge of hard-work, sacrifice and patience. Also, it is necessary to completely eradicate such means of sensuality.

Therefore, it is a request to the committee that appropriate steps should be taken to protect our youth population from such elements.




To,                                                                                                            Date:

Shri R. P . Tiwari

Deputy Director,

Rajya Sabha Secretariat

Parliament House Annexe

New Delhi 110001

Sub: Ban on Cyber Pornography.


This is with reference to the petition submitted by Jainacharya Vijay Ratnasundersurishwarji Maharaj regarding Cyber Pornography and amending IT act 2000.

I support the demand of banning cyber pornography. It is a known fact that easy access to cyber pornography has extremely negative impact on the viewer, especially the minors and younger persons. Pornography corrupts the minds and projects women as sex object, thus it also encourages sexual assaults and sexual crimes against women and children. If pornography cannot be sold on the road even to an adult, if a minor cannot even watch and Adult film in the theatre, how can the government allow its easy access on mobiles, computer etc to all, including children? Pornography is a threat to the fabric of our society because it is also causing psychological problems and marital disputes.

Hence I request you to put a complete ban on cyber pornography, pornography on mobile and strict action against sale of porn CDs and DVDs.


Yours sincerely,





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