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State level Media Workshop in Aurangabad by Jih Maharashtra

Posted on 22 January 2020 by Webmaster JIH Maharashtra

Replace evil and biased media with Good and Fair one- Emir e Halqa, Jamat-e-Islami, Maharashtra- Rizwan-ur-Rahman Khan
Aurangabad: Maharashtra state president of Jamat-e-Islami, Hindi, Rizwan-ur-Rahman Khan emphasized on establishing good and fair news media in place of prevailing biased and evil   media in the country during media workshop organized at Aurangabad recently. The two days long workshop was aimed at training the affiliates of the Jamat’s media cell in skills and techniques of conventional media and modern social media.
More than 100 delegates, including women, from across the Maharashtra took part in the workshop.  Many resources persons from different field of expertise were summoned to guide and train the people working with  Jamaat’s media cell in the workshop. Dignitaries including National Media Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami, Hind, Basharuddin Sharqi, Senior Journalist and political analyst, Khalid M. from Hyderabad, former editor of the Hindi daily Bhaskar, Abdul Qadeer, vice president, JIH, Maharashtra Dr Saleem Khan, Adv Aadil Biyabani, HoD of department of journalism, Maulana Aaad College,  Shahid G Sheikh guided the delegates during different sessions of the workshop.
 Khalid M., Abdul Qadir and Shahid G Sheikh, guided the attendees over attention garnered by the news in newspapers and TV news channels. They emphasized that use of small sentences and laying  stress upon the key points that addresses the common people in the news draft  and maintained that it helps in publication of the news. They told that press release/ media report needs meticulous drafting so that it faces almost no editing while being published in newspaper.     Advocate Adil Biyabani  talked about social media and cyber law during his address and also answered the queries during interactive session.
 State president JIH, Maharashtra Rizwan-ur-Rahman Khan claimed that although weak, but JIH have maintained its  position in the media.  He expressed his pleasure over the fact that the Jamaat-e-Islami have a significant number of active people in the media. “It is an era of media dominance. Hence it is necessary to understand that whoever controls the media can control the government. We have high hopes from you,” he exhorted.
In view of the importance of media and its strength, state president  said, “It is high time that we become strong and self reliant. Instead of staying silent or doing a routine work, we need to work on war-footing. The time of working comfortably at normal pace has gone,” he stated. Speaking in context of not only the Muslim Ummah, but entire humanity, Ameer e Halqa underlined the need of working in three arenas. The first task is to use the strength of JIH media to not only the benefit of Muslim ummah, but also for entire humanity. Talking about the media objectives of JIH,  he termed the current   media as face of evil, and emphasized  on presenting a good and fair media against the evil and biased media before the people.
 Secondly,  he stressed upon need of reintroducing the media as pioneer of good ideas and way of life. Thirdly he stressed upon shaping a technologically strong media as per the need of hour. Advising the   members and activists of Jamaat, he emphasized upon need of building the capabilities of the persons presently working with media for the organsiation. He also directed to focus upon the journalists, who do not support/understand the basic concept of religion. He told the media delegates of Jamaat to build friendly relationship with them instead of hating or keeping away from them.
Aameer e Halqa recited the  Surah Al-An’afa’il, Verse 60  that states, “And prepare against them with all the power you can muster, and all the cavalry you can mobilize, to terrify thereby Allah’s enemies and your enemies, and others besides them whom you do not know, but Allah knows them.”   He concluded his remark by reiterating  the objective of strengthening the  good and fair media  in the country.
The media secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Basharuddin Sharqi encouraged the media delegates taking part in the workshop and detailed the initiatives of JIH in media. He claimed that JIH media cell is working on three levels.  Firstly, to counter any problem exacerbating by the extent of the evil. Secondly tackle the attempts of distorting the image of Islam and Muslims and thirdly  countering the  transmission of fake news. He emphasized on need of not only taking up the TV Channels and news papers, but also  individually becoming a media in ourselves. Simply saying that all that happens is the will of Allah is not the solution to the problem. Islam has taught us to struggle. Hence it is necessary that if enemy is spreading its ideas in the masses, then there is a need taking our ideas to the people.
He called upon the attendees to promote the skilled personnel among their surroundings. He suggested of making videos of such skilled person at individual level and bring their positive side to fore. He also called upon bring the leadership among them to the platform. He gave two examples. One about a simple person who filed more than 1000 RTI applications in public interest and sought information to expose the evil. The other was the example of Kamuni Maulavi in Kerala and informed that as many as 1000 different institutions are running under his supervision.  He called upon the delegates in the workshop to look for such personalities and introduce such people as a leader among the masses.
The workshop began with the Taskir-e-Quran by JIH, Aurangabad’s president,  Wajid Quadri. In his introductory remarks he claimed that Qur’an is best source  of reciprocity. He claimed that Allah has given an opportunity of convocation in the form Jumma to Muslim community and it requires no special efforts. He also highlighted the   trait of Prophet, who use to identify the special qualities of his companions and accordingly entrust responsibilities to them. Allah says that religion should be preached among the people with wisdom, the told. Talking about burning issues Quadri claimed that while the enemy stands united, we are still involved in different types of internal disputes and arguments. Our enemy is controlling the entire world thanks to its strong hold in the media. “Whoever controls the media will have control over the minds of the people,” he emphasized calling upon the media delegates of JIH to become a media themselves instead of hating it.
State vice president Zamir Qadri also addressed the members and activists of organsiation. He claimed that Islam is not only for peace but it is also for the establishment of justice.   He particularly emphasized on focusing upon creating new trends instead of following the prevailing trends. He claimed that the idea like ‘Standard Education is basic Human Right’ could be a good trend and called upon the cadre to generalize it.

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